A luta continua… Rage against The Dying Of The Light

It has been a while since #TheLeague has been active on social media. A lot has been happening around us & for the everyday men & women like ourselves, this has been a heavy tide. Primarily our political landscape has become a battleground for the Shakespearean Tragedy that is the #ANC succession battle & amidst … Continue reading A luta continua… Rage against The Dying Of The Light

Rise Up & Push Back

This is a message of encouragement for the people of South Africa from The Chairman of The #RSAPatriots League: Dear South Africa We know you are tired. We know that after all that has come to light and after the marches and tweets and outrage that nothing has happened. No one has done anything and … Continue reading Rise Up & Push Back

Agenda 2017

Mobilization of The League Of Liberal Patriots Of The Republic Of South Africa: 2017 will be a year of mobilization for The League. A year to make a difference in peoples lives. We intend on starting projects designed to not only help but educate people. We will be seeking partnerships that will help us grow … Continue reading Agenda 2017

A celebration of failure #ANC105

As we all watch the former bastion of the liberation movement crumble, it is with sadness that we observe the defiant declaration of arrogance being displayed by the African National Congress. How does one display pride in the fact that they have failed to live up to what they promised? How do they continue to … Continue reading A celebration of failure #ANC105

Dear South Africa

Antonio Quicksilver

Dear South Africa
I think its time we had a chat. You dont know me & thats fine, after all, I am you. I am a citizen of The Republic Of South Africa.
I am not rich or famous. I was not in the struggle or sired by a struggle veteran. I was not involved in apartheid or sired by a Eugene De Cock or Steve Hofmyr type. I am just… me.
The interesting thing is I think that is the make up of most of us, yes? We are mostly just us… South Africans. #RSAPatriots. But the thing we dont seem to realize is that that alone is an achievement of note.
Think of how many countries in #Africa are not like #RSA… Think of how many countries have gone through the crucible we have & have come out like us. None. Not 1…

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The difference between Liberal Socialism and Social Liberalism

This was originally posted in Quora: "Social" is "of or relating to society or its organization; … suited to living in communities; …" "Socialism" is "a political and economic theory of social organization that advocates that the means of production, distribution, and exchange should be owned or regulated by the community as a whole."  It's … Continue reading The difference between Liberal Socialism and Social Liberalism