A luta continua… Rage against The Dying Of The Light

It has been a while since #TheLeague has been active on social media. A lot has been happening around us & for the everyday men & women like ourselves, this has been a heavy tide.
Primarily our political landscape has become a battleground for the Shakespearean Tragedy that is the #ANC succession battle & amidst all of this noise, all of our political apparatus as a society has been directed at commenting about, predicting & analyzing the events and possibilities of the farce that our government has become.
Our people march. Our opposition parties battle it out in the courts. But still the succubus that is #TheStateCaptureNetwork survives and continue to drain us.
Indeed it is as if all of our fighting spirit as a nation has been sapped in the wake of the events that have unfolded. It has been drained from us as we have been battered with revelations & realizations.
It has been revealed to us exactly how far reaching the spider web of corruption possibly is and we have realized that we can no longer deny that our president is the spider in the middle of it all.
It has been revealed to us that our country has been fitted with strings and has been toyed with & divided in the name of protecting a corrupt figurehead and we have realized that it is a group of foreign invaders that are the puppeteers.
A lot of effort has gone into diverting attention away from the fact that numerous investigations & reports have pointed out that our state is under siege and being co-opted by a kleptocratic oligarchy, The Zuma/Gupta Cartel.
We have been manipulated, misdirected and embarrassed, but no one is being brought to book. We have reached a stage where we have to ask… can anyone be brought to book? Will anyone be brought to book?
It is a trying time and it is because of these trials that we as The #RSAPatriots League have been questioning our mission and vision. Our very existence.
What is the point of trying to start a movement for change when our brothers & sisters refuse to rise up?
What is the point of trying to inspire a nation that can not see that the #ANC is now a shell of its former self… a ghost and are not willing to let go of it and forge a new path?
What is the point of joining the fray when the only rhetoric our society listens to is populism and blindly follow ideals they don’t understand?
How can we hope to achieve #TheSouthAfricanDream?
What is the point of continuing the struggle?
It is these questions that we have been pondering as we have watched the revelations unfold around us and realized our own powerlessness as #SouthAfricans
But the answer to these questions is the very reason that we started #LLPRSA in the 1st place… we love our country and it is our duty to protect it and help to change it for the better.
So, we ask you, the #RSAPatriots to wake up. We ask you to stand together. We ask you to stand with us. Be brave. Voice your concerns and opinion and let us stand for you. Add your voice to the chorus and demand accountability. Take an interest in defending your nation.
“A luta continua” means “the struggle continues”, so let us continue to fight for freedom. Rise against #TheMafiaState. Take back our country.
We can not go gently into that good night. It is now that we need to rage… rage against the dying of the light.

4 thoughts on “A luta continua… Rage against The Dying Of The Light

  1. It is simply that we are overwhelmed. so much has occurred and yet we seem completely helpless to do anything about it. some of us are completely numb as each new act of indecency against the people is revealed, shell-shocked if you like. While hoping we can continue to try to make a difference, we fight to survive first.

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    1. Hi Kassandra. That is the sad reality of it all, isnt it? Our society is broken. Its systemic. The corruption flourished because there was space for it to flourish. We should have been more aware of the inner workings of the ANC back during Polokwane. We should have protested the removal of Thabo Mbeki. We need to be actively involved in how our society is run. But we need leadership & effectively managed government programs. All of that is meant to be guided by a leader of character. I think we need to do what we can. As long as we pay attention & dont sit quietly by in the face of injustice.


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